Политика конфиденциальности


Read these regulations before you start using this website and register here. By doing so you agree that you accept these regulations and statements and agree to adhere to them.

This agreement will remain in effect until you are receiving access to the web-site, buying membership of the participant based on contract of the offer.

  • We will not require any type of documents from you that acknowledge your identity or other documents which contain your personal information. Additionally we do not require from you to undergo a procedure of identity verification, by sending the documents to our physical address or by phone calls. You only have to provide your contact data during registration (correct e-mail address). This address will be used in case if you lose your information in order to log into account.
  • We do not sell or give your personal information to third parties under any circumstances (user name, full name, e-mail address and information on your deposits).
  • Participation in Investment Company is available to any person of full legal age and legal person.
  • Company’s operations are within the law. Company is officially registered, strictly adheres to all laws of Great Britain and has the right to conduct international investment activity.
  • Company accepts Bitcoin and other currencies for deposit and does not bear responsibility for the actions of payment processes which might lead to negative consequences in the form of arrears in payment or problems with transfer of money.
  • Company does not bear responsibility for any losses and expenses as a result of violation of the conditions and regulations of the company website usage by the user. By registering on the website you guarantee that you won’t be using it for unlawful activity, you also agree to observe all laws, local and international ones. The user has the right to stop using the conditions of this agreement at any time, by ceasing the usage of services of this website.


We store your personal data until it is necessary for execution of goals for which they were collected and for observance of applicable legislation, and your agreement on the usage of data in such purposes remain in power even after cessation of relations with you.


This provision on confidentiality is applied to all personal data that were collected by us or handed over to you. “Personal data” – is any information that is related to a specific or designated physical body. You should not provide us your personal data if you are simply visiting our website.

We can use the data to connect with you. We can send the mandatory service messages such as welcome letters, payment reminders, information on technical issues, as well as notification of technical support. Some of our services can send periodic letters to the users that are a part of services that are rendered by us. We can also connect with you to inform of the products and services of our company.

You can recall you agreement at any time provided that the regulatory or contractual limitations are followed or sending the corresponding notification. If you wish to recall your consent, please connect with us.


  • Your first and last name;
  • Your e-mail;
  • Any data that we gather from you online and store in conjunction with your account, in particular your login and password.


  • Company will not bear responsibility for the loss of fees or delay of registration due to not properly presented personal information.


  • 1. This agreement describes main regulations and usage conditions (further as “Use Conditions”) for the access to the services and functions on the website that belongs to the company. Company reserves the right to add additional stipulations of the agreement or edit already existing ones every once in a while.
  • 2. Company can reconsider these conditions at any time by updating this document. You have to visit this page from time to time to familiarize yourself with current conditions, since they are mandatory.
  • 3. Some pages of our website have links to the website of third parties. We do not support and do not control the privacy policies or content of these websites in any way shape or form.

We recommend you to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the privacy policy of each website that you visit. Pay attention!


By pressing the box that contains the words “I agree” you have to understand that this has the exact same legal force as any of your other physical signatures on any other legal document. By pressing any link, button, that are presented to you in any part of the interface of your website you have legally agreed with all existing conditions.


Users carry out all financial operations voluntarily, by assuming full responsibility for potential losses of their assets.

You assume the following risks, related to the usage of the website and services by you:

  • Digital assets are not a legal means of payment, additionally accounts and balances, costs are not subject to Federal Corporation of deposit insurance or protection of Corporation, protection of stock investors.
  • Legislative or normative changes or actions on state, federal or international level can have a negative effect on the usage, transfer, exchange and cost of digital assets.


In order to use our system you have to create an account. You agree to provide accurate, correct, relevant and full information about yourself in accordance with the registration form (such information that is “Registration data”); you also agree to support and renew your registration details in a timely manner. Even though we use reasonable efforts to protect the private information we do not bear responsibility for deliberate or criminal actions of third parties, such as hackers.


You bear full responsibility for any actions that are made from your account. You agree to immediately inform us of any unauthorized usage of your password or User ID, as well as any other security violation. We can perform specific control procedures, we do not bear any responsibility for any unauthorized usage of your account, you bear responsibility for confidentiality and protection of your password.


Control or usage of your account cannot be handed over, leased, or sold to a third party.


Requests of password will be carried out only over the Internet and only after you register on the company website. We will not be sending you any embedded links on e-mail with the request to get you involved on other websites. Do not ever tell anyone your account password; it is the main precautionary measure.


After creating the account you will be able to top up your account through making a transfer from your Bitcoin account, we do not charge any interest rates for topping up of the trading account.


After the order was done (handed over to the user, deposit in your Bitcoin account as well as fiduciary account), after the depositing and deduction in corresponding currency from accounts, the transaction is not cancelled.


The website might be temporarily down due to the technological factors of the software or other factors or services from time to time.


Users can withdraw all or part of the virtual currency; minimum size of virtual currency is required for supporting your status as a participant. The currency will be transferred from the account to a specific Bitcoin address that is specified by the Participant.


Website can contain images or links to the websites of third parties. Related websites are not under control of the company.

We provide these links only for convenience, and inclusion of any kind of link does not signify approval of website policy. You bear responsibility for viewing and adhering to the confidentiality statements and terms of use that are placed on the websites.

Any deals that you have with third parties with the usage of any related websites, as well as any other conditions, guarantees or communications that are related to such transactions are solely between you and the third party. Company does not bear responsibility for such operations.


We reserve the right to send e-mail letters or other messages. The purpose of these messages might include:

  • Presenting you information on your account;
  • Presenting you information that might interest you.


Website, content, design, graphics or information is presented only for informational purposes.


  • This Agreement comes into effect during registration on the website. The user agrees that he had previously become familiarized with all of the conditions of this Agreement and accepts them.
  • Agreement is made on an indefinite term.
  • Start of using the website indicates full agreement of the user with conditions of regulations of the present Agreement.